Product measurements:
There may be a slight difference
between the dimensions of the product shown in the given figure
and the dimensions of the actual product,
due to the peculiarity of the material and the accuracy of the measuring.


We wish to make a desired sweater dress upon your wishes!
Send your special wishes through contact form below:
  1. Choose a size (see measurement's below)
    NB! The lenght measurements can be changed where needed
  2. Write in comments color and pattern preferences (up to 4 colour tones or patterns)
  3. Send an Inquiry via contact form below
  4. We'll prepare up to 3 designs and send them via e-mail within 1-3 working days for review
  5. Choose your favorite design and confirm via e-mail
  6. Pay in advance based on the invoice sent
  7. We'll create an unique item just for You within 2 weeks.

About sweater dress HEART:
  • Crew neckline, pullover
  • Neckline and sleeve ends with a stretchy rib
  • Straight fit
  • Side pockets
  • Main material cotton french terry.
    Additionally lace, velour, tulle, mesh can be used

Email again:
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