At Neon Iris, it's our mission to reduce our environmental footprint
while creating products that express individuality, durability, and comfort.
We strive to create unique and stylish pieces from existing materials such as
clothing production leftovers, scrap details, textile samples and pre-loved clothing.
Our designs are crafted with comfort and practicality in mind, ensuring a fit and fabric that will stand the test of time.

Our product range for men and women is designed for the environment-friendly-minded individual who loves to stand out:
vibrant designs featuring geometric shapes, bold colour combinations, and contrasting textures to create bold and stylish looks.
Plus, every item is produced with love and care - all the way from Estonia.
Neon Iris Design has found a way to make sustainable fashion both stylish and unique!

My name is Laura and I run Neon Iris Design

I'm an eco-friendly fashion designer, dedicated to creating something amazing out of something old.
I design and sew each piece of clothing in my home sewing studio in Tallinn, Estonia.

My passion for fashion began at a young age, and I decided to pursue an education in technical design and technology of clothing.
This gave me the skills to transform my love and vision into something tangible.

A more conscious approach to fashion took place when I began to work in a second-hand clothing store.
It was there that I saw the potential of giving new life to old and sometimes outdated-looking clothes.
I also experienced first-hand the amount of high-quality material left over from clothing production in a sewing company I worked for.

It was these experiences that spurred me into action
and I am committed to reducing the amount of trash in the world through sustainable fashion.
I'm confident that you'll find my designs both unique and stylish.