Neon Iris Design offering a possibility to order t-shirt, sweatshirt or a sweat-dress as a custom order, based on our developed styles.
You can choose your favorite colours, patterns and desired size!

To order a custom made item:
  1. Choose your favourite style, size and let us know your colour/pattern wishes

    You can choose between these styles

    There is a figure with product sizes from which you can choose your desired size. To help you choose the size, you can take a look of sizing manual from here
    * For custom measurements (longer or shorter), let us know your wishes, and we’ll see what we can do about them. We’ll send you a confirmation about the       possibility to make custom size together with the design drawings via e-mail.

    * Color options are not limited. We’ll get needed materials based on the wishes.

    You can offer your own product to be reconstructed as a new design. In that case, we’ll take into account a 5% discount from final price.

  2. Send an inquiry via contact form or to an e-mail

    There are contact forms on each custom order style page also included.

  3. After receiving an inquiry, we’ll contact you within 1-3 working days and send you 1-3 design drawings with a price offer.

    * We’ll use a computer program for design drawings. Final product outcome may differ a bit due to fabric features (colour tone, pattern, texture), which are difficult to capture exactly as they are in real life.

    *The price for a final product may be higher in case there is a need to make changes in products’ standard measurements.

  4. Choose your favorite design from the drawings we sent and confirm by answering to the inquiry e-mail.

    *  In case you don’t receive a desirable design, we can offer changes and send you new design drawings.

    * You are not obligated to order and can withdraw from the inquiry. We don’t start the production before clients’ confirmation.

  5. Make a prepayment by the invoice or payment link we’ll sent after receiving the confirmation.

    * You don’t need to pay anything before confirming the design. After receiving the invoice, it must be paid within 3 working days from the date indicated on the invoice. If the invoice is not paid by the specified time, the order will be cancelled.

  6. After receiving the prepayment, we’ll start producing the custom product and it is no longer possible to withdraw from the order.

  7. Custom order will be ready within 2-3 weeks from the confirmation of the order. In case of a longer completion time, this will be notified by e-mail before the order is accepted.

  8. Custom made items will not be returnable and cannot be exchanged.

  9. There will not be additional shipping costs for the custom made item.