What makes Neon Iris Design products a sustainable choice?

For creating new products, there is no need to produce new raw material for our products.
Therefore, we use clothing production leftovers, scrap details, hangers and pre-loved clothing as our raw material.
As a result, we save water and energy with the production of each product, which would have been needed with the new raw material.
We save high-quality and decent textiles from ending up in landfills.

We do not produce large collections of ready-made items.
We have small amount of ready made sample products in each style.
Preferrable way to produce is by making custom orders, so our clients would get products upon their own wishes.
This way we’ll prevent overproduction.

We make long-lasting and timeless products.
Neon Iris doesn’t follow fashion trends, so in the next season, you don’t need to worry for going out of style with Neon Iris designs.
You can wear our clothes as long as you’ll love them, for many years, until the item is worn out or stained...
and even after that, we can look for new solutions how to extend a products life with a smart design or by mending.