Custom unisex t-shirt X-TEE

If you like this kind of t-shirt, we'll make your own!
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  1. Choose a size (see measurement's below). The lenght measurements can be adjusted if needed
  2. If you have color preferences, let us know via contact form.
    Or choose a t-shirt nr (e.g. #5) from the picture, so we could offer similar design options
    Or give us free hands and we'll offer different designs for you
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  4. We'll prepare up to 3 designs and send them via e-mail within 1-3 working days for review
  5. Choose your favorite design and confirm via e-mail
  6. Pay in advance based on the invoice sent
  7. We'll create an unique item just for You within 2 weeks.

About unisex t-shirt X-TEE:
  • Crew neckline
  • Short sleeves
  • Slim fit. Sizes XL-XXL straight fit.
  • Size according to men's. For women, size down if you wish for a slim fit.
  • Back part mainly one coloured - can differ from the front
  • Sewn from fabric leftovers and pre-loved clothing details.
  • As for main material, breathable and stretchy cotton jersey or viscose jersey is mainly used.
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